AT&T HTC One Coming On April 19 For $200

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AT&T HTC One is coming soon on april 19AT&T has a prominent name in the world of mobile carriers operating within the United States. They have offered numerous modern Smartphones and tablets in order to satisfy the requirements of Android users.

“AT&T HTC One has finally announced by the carrier with the availability of both 64GB and 32GB models on a two-year contract.”

It would worth mentioning that the HTC One pre-orders are starting on April 4 (a day before expected release). However, the actual product will be available until 19th April. You will have to pay only $200 for the small 32GB model & $300 for AT&T’s exclusive 64GB model.

Both of these devices will be available with a 2 year contract without any doubt. So, get ready for the big day because the Smartphone is not too far from now. The Pre-order campaign will start on April 4 expectedly at 1PM CT. It is sensible to bookmark this particular link because you can use it for later observation.

AT&T will also send the extra HTC Media Link HD HDMI adaptor that will permit you to share the wireless media content to HDTV. This must be a wonderful improvement for those who have been looking for it. This is a golden opportunity to know about the AT&T HTC One.

There is no need to worry if you are still unfamiliar with the upcoming HTC One’s specs because you can check out here. We have talked about this lovely phone in our previous posts and will continue this trend until the HTC One becomes available for purchase throughout the world.

Well, AT&T HTC One will be soon with you after wait of a few days. So, get ready to explore the innovation.


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