Amazon Fire Phone in the Repair Lab

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Fire Phone

Ita??s been a bit long since we talked about the Amazon fire phone which is now seem to be in the teardown treatment. The iFixIt might have gotten their hands on the handset and thata??s the reason why they have unveiled something interesting about the gadget.

According to the latest info, the Amazon Fire Phone is currently in the teardown treatment. By opening the phone a tab would be activated that unveils that the smartphone has been opened. This gives a direct signal to Amazon that the warranty is void. So do not try this at home because the warranty can be voided with this attempt.

Amazona??s this particular mobile phone has been in the rumor mill for its amazing looks and type of fast speed it claims to deliver. The information source says that currently the smartphone has been glued together with the help of a few screws.

Inside parts of the device are brought together with an adhesive treatment. So there should not be any worried regarding the strength of the Amazon Fire Phone. Although glue treatment inside makes the phone strong, yet it is quite disturbing for the repair center. Fixing phone like this becomes a great challenge for the repair guys.

The source has provided phone with a repairability scale of 3 out of 10. This is quite poor and tells that the handset is not very ideal when it comes to repair perspective. So be ready for the fun with this gorgeous phone and do not even think about breakage, damage or dropping down.

Source: iFixit


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