How to Speed Up My Android Phone a?? 5 Easy Steps

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It always feels great to use an up to date smartphone because it lets you enjoy all features without any hassle. Also the chances of lag issues become lesser when a device performs at its optimum level of speed.

However, the point of concern is – how to speed up my Android phone with minimum efforts.

Speed up android phone

Thata??s what most people keep searching for. Finally, now you will not have to go anywhere else because the points that I am going to put below will refresh your Android phone just as new. So leta??s move one with the steps underneath.

Delete Needless Shortcuts/Widgets

useless widgets

The very first thing you do in order to get your Android phone back to blazing performance is to remove all the garbage causing slow speed. Analyze and check all the apps, shortcuts and widgets and remove those that are no more in use. It is better to have them stacked away rather than being stressed because of disappointing performance.

Check your home screens to identify and delete all useless stuff. It will not take more than 5 minutes to do so.

Uninstall All Unusable Apps

Useless App

One thing that we all do with our phones is to install dozens of apps without any reason. Strange but true!

Like you switch your phone on, hit play store and start searching for whata??s catchy or new. I need this, that and this too and so on. This is how we fill up our phonea??s bucket with things that we dona??t even need.

Leta??s hunt for the apps that are no longer in use!

To do this, simply go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > and then select and delete the ones that you dona??t want to use anymore.

This easy process will let your phone relax and operate at superb speeds.

Clear Cache of Your Apps

clear cache

There must be some apps that you do not want to remove because of their importance and usability.

So how to lessen the burden?

Yes, Ia??ve got a way! Follow the above procedure (Settings > Applications > Manage Applications) and select apps like browsers that you are using. You will see the a??Clear Cachea?? button at the bottom. Hit this to get rid of unnecessary weightage. This could something around 4MB, 6MB, 10MB or else based on your usage. Check apps like browsers, play store, Skype or other similar stuff.

Disable or Limit Phonea??s Background Data


Things like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Pinterest, Email syncing not only eat up smartphonea??s battery, but also cause slow performance of your phone. Observe the data usage and cancel things that you dona??t want to see every time. Moreover, turn WiFi and Bluetooth off when not needed.

Install a Third Party App Launcher


Although every Android phone comes with a built-in app launcher to serve users, yet you may opt for another one, third party app launcher, from the Play Store. This is required in case your existing one does not perform as expected. If your phonea??s current app launcher is doing well, then there is no need to install a new one.

After applying the above tricks, you will not have to ask again – How to speed up my android phone? 🙂


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