How to Set Fingerprint Scan on Samsung Galaxy S5

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samsung galaxy s5 fingerprint scanner

Samsunga??s Galaxy S5 comes with too many awesome features to get benefit from, however, a few ones like fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitors grab the most attention.

There could some users trying to successfully use these features without getting trapped into any big issue. We thought it necessary to provide some assistance in this regard so that no one has to mess up with Samsunga??s lovely offerings.

The hottest Galaxy requires a slight swipe by default to wake up its screen. However, a person with a sense of security will need something else to make the security foolproof. Luckily, Fingerprint scan on Samsung Galaxy S5 and a number of other similar tools help increase the device protection from anonymous users.

By setting the fingerprint scan on Samsung Galaxy S5, the device will remain locked unless you wake it up by scanning finger or entering the unlock pattern/password.

Here is how to set fingerprint scan on the Galaxy S5:

  • Pull down the notification bar from the top and hit a??Settingsa?? icon on the top right.
  • Tap lock screen icon, visible in the Quick settings section.
  • Hit screen lock thing at the upper side of the following screen.
  • Choose the unlock method that you would like to use going forwards: pattern, Swipe, fingerprint, regular text password or a numeric PIN.
  • Each of the mechanisms in the above bullet has their separate set-up procedures. Most of these will ask you to enter the credentials twice in order to ensure the set password. On the other hand, sometimes you will need to opt for the primary password that would work in case you forget the basic one.
  • After you are done with the unlock type, simply scroll down of the lock screen section and wait until the device to get locked automatically. Now you can start using the password that hast just been set up by you.

Hope it helps, Tada!


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