How To Unroot Android Phone

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how unroot android phone now answered

Do you want to know how to unroot android phone?

Before knowing about unrooting an Android device, it is necessary to understand the rooting process and its purpose. Rooting refers to a process of a??hackinga?? or a??modifyinga?? your Android phone or tablet to get full administrative control over the device. A?A rooted Android helps you to install applications and software that are not allowed by Android.

A rooted Android permits to install custom themes and enhance your Smartphonea??s battery life. On the other hand, unrooting refers to redirecting your phone to its original factory settings. If you are not satisfied with rooting due to some technical issues, then you can unroot your Android phone with a little effort. Moreover, people also unroot their device to avoid fear of the manufacturera??s warranty void.


Well, it is imperative to keep backup of your important contacts and apps before running the unroot process. It will prevent the loss of precious data. After trying the following steps, you will not have to ask how to unroot android.


Changes on Computer

  1. A?Simply download file directly from MediaFire website & save it to the computer. It is free to download.
  2. Connect the Android phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  3. Get into the SD card file folder on your computer. You will find a??update.zipa?? file in this particular folder.
  4. Now delete the file.
  5. Copy and paste the file to an SD Card folder. Never think to extract the files because it is immensely important.
  6. Rename the file called a??unroot_update.zipa??. You should rename the file like a??
  7. Come out of the SD card folder & disconnect the Android phone or tablet.

Changes on Android

A?A?A? 8. Reboot the Android phone in the recovery mode simply by pressing a??xa?? key & the a??powera?? button simultaneously.

A?A?A? 9. Choose a??installa?? from recovery menu & then tap a??Allow installation.a??

A? 10. Select the a??install SD card/ (denigrated)a??.

A?11. Now tap a??Wipe Cache Partitiona?? & then a??Wipe Factory/data Reseta?? in order to restore the phone back to the factory settings and finish the unroot process. Once your Android phone reboots all the saved data would be refilled automatically from Google when you will sing into the Google Account.

These were some useful instructions that can follow in order to get the answer of a??how to unroot android?a??


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