How to Speed Up Android Phone

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Feeling disturbance on your Android phone?

speed up android and enjoy

People like to have Android Smartphones because they are useful and ongoing. With Googlea??s mobile operating system, you can buy from low to a high end Smartphone with great convenience.

Unfortunately, most of these phones slow down with the passage of time. There could be different important reasons for this. However, it is advisable to maintain your Smartphonea??s speed and smoothness by following the steps mentioned in this useful article. They can be very beneficial to speed up android.

Note: The path for settings in the given steps could vary depending on your android version or Smartphone model.

  1. Update Your Phonea??s Firmware

The first thing you need to do is to update your Android phonea??s firmware. It can fix some bugs and lags.


  1. Factory Reset Your Android Smartphone

This will erase everything bad and makes your handset just like new. Well, this would be a temporary option as the phone might get back to previous condition again after using for some time.


Do not forget to back up your important documents or any other information before heading toward this step.

  1. Identify The Severe Lag and Fix It

There might be several reasons for slow speed. Well, you need to identify and fix it.

  • Move the media (mp3 files, pictures, videos) to SD card (external memory).
  • Moving your media might not work if you own a low end Smartphone.
  1. Search Play Store to get useful apps


Fortunately, the Google Play Store is full of apps that can improve the performance of your Smartphone. Some useful applications fall into following categories:

  • Reliable antivirus programs
  • Auto task killers
  • Cache cleaners
  • Spare parts applications
  • Startup managers
  • Juice defenders

Try to opt for the best app that can really enhance the speed of your device. This can work well to speed up android.

  1. Uninstall idle applications

Remove all the unnecessary apps that you had installed for temporary use.


  1. Restart your Smartphone

This is an impermanent option, but really works.


  1. Root the Smartphone

Rooting is one of the best options to get your phone back to its original speed. To perform this step, read our article, how to root android phone. Well you can also unroot if it does not work up to the requirements.

You can easily speed up android phone by using aforesaid steps.


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