How to Share the Android Apps

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Android Apps

Android users love to have versatile and useful android apps on their devices. You may have dumbfounding android apps that you want to share with your friends or loved ones; it will not take more than 2 minutes to do so. Let me tell you that android apps installed on the android Smartphones or tablets can be shared among android users without any trouble.

When you select to share android apps, your loved one receives a brief depiction and a link for downloading them. However, it is necessary that your friend should have an android cell phone in order to download and install the android apps from Android market. Thousands of best android apps are expediently accessible from the internet. A user, having a handset other than android, may not be able to enjoy this facility.

Android apps can be shared through social networking websites like Facebook or twitter and by messaging (such as text). People of the present age are fully aware of the social networking concept. They spend most of their time on social networking sites such as Facebook. So, it will not be tricky for them to share android apps via these sites. You must remember, android apps sharing features are absolutely free for the android users.

Follow the subsequent procedure to share android apps with your friends:

Share Android Apps1. Press “Home” on the android phone to see the home screen.
2. Press the “Menu” to see the expanded home screen.
3. Now tap “Share” and a complete list of apps installed on the android phone will be shown.
4. Tap name of an app that you want to share and choose a sharing method. Posting to Facebook, sending a link through Gmail and sending a link via text message, are all sharing methods to download and install android apps.
5. Enter the contact information of your friend if you selected text or email. Now, tap “send” to refer the app information to your buddy.

Above mentioned procedure is simple, and very useful for sharing android apps among android users.


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