Save Battery Power on Your Android Phone

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Save BatteryThe Android operating systems are getting popular with the passage of time. The reason behind this great popularity may be the numerous useful features offered by the android operating systems. Users want to use their cell phones consistently without any break. Unfortunately, some of the android functions can cause your battery to become weak very quickly. You will surely like to save battery power on your android phone in order to use it for an extensive time period.

It is necessary for every android user to manage the battery-power very proactively and intelligently. You can also save battery simply by spending a few minutes on checking your device. There are several options that can help you to save battery power with great ease.

Here are some useful suggestions by following which you can surely save battery power of your android phone or tablet.

  1. Check out what is using largest percentage of battery power on your android device. In order to do this, follow these steps: (Settings>About Phone>Battery use). This will tell you about major power consuming functions. After getting aware of main battery sucker functions, you can save battery by turning them off.
  1. Force your android device to utilize only 2G networks instead of other ones.  Go to (Settings>Wireless Control>Mobile Networks>Use Only 2G Networks). This trick is very effective to save battery power.
  1. Reduce brightness of your android device to save battery power efficiently. It has been observed that most of the users do not care about high-contrast brightness while using their android devices. In order to reduce brightness, follow (Settings>Sound Display>Brightness). Reducing the brightness will help you to save battery power.
  1. I suggest you to turn off the wireless feature when not required. It is not good to keep the wireless feature on all the time without any purpose. To turn off the wireless feature, follow: (Settings>Wireless Controls>Wi-Fi). This option has been found awesome to save battery power of any android device.


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