Boost Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 with Simple Trick

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Android is the best mobile operating system known at present and almost 80% of the mobile devices run Google’s mobile OS. The figure shows how this platform is dominating all its competitors including iOS.


After Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the Jelly Bean Android has become the most widely used version of this platform. Those running devices based on this OS must be thinking to boost up the speed and performance.

Android phones are actually based on Linux-OS, so they are very easy to modify or configure. Therefore, you can easily boost android jelly bean to the most out of this.

Actually it is not that difficult to bring your device at the optimum performance level. All one need to do is simply go through an easy process in order to get the phone or tablet back at extreme performance.

Are looking to speed up your phone or tab too?

Follow these simple steps to have this done.

  1. Reach your phone’s/tab’s homescreen
  2. Open up the Task Manager
  3. Now select RAM
  4. Here kill all the running tasks and apps in the background by clearing the memory
  5. Other than built-task manager, there are lots of other 3rd party apps that help in boosting Android devices with a few taps.
  6. Visit Google Play Store and select the best app for boosting speed and performance. They also do the same work, but in an enhanced way to get the optimum results.
  7. Download and install the one with most reviews/stars.
  8. Run the app whenever you feel a little bit lag while flicking through the home screens.

This is how an Android user can boost Android Jelly bean, and the same procedure can also be used for those running other versions of Google mobile OS.

Hopefully, this helps you in getting better performance on the go. So start following above steps to enjoy lag-free performance now.


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Wanda Hall is an android OS lover and a well experienced user of Google’s Android since 2007. She is one of those using every latest device of Android included every newly released gadgets.


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