Wii U by Nintendo – Upcoming gaming console

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In rivalry to PlayStation vita released by Sony, Nintendo is going to release the next form of its gorgeous gaming console known as “Wii U.” it is straight descendant to Wii. According to a special information source, it came to know that Nintendo is intended to launch its new invention known as Wii U in the second quarter of 2012.

This is the first gaming console from Nintendo which can produce 1080p HD graphics to provide you ultimate gaming experience. It also contains new fantastic controls with embedded touch screen. Wii U will contain a 6 inch wide screen along with gyroscope, speakers, built in microphone, rumble, accelerometer and camera. All these things make this upcoming gaming console favorite for game lovers.

You will also be able to store your favorite media on new Wii U because it has sufficient memory for media storage purpose. System will support USB HDD and external SD permitting the users to enlarge storage capacity. All the game enthusiasts are zealous towards getting this upcoming gaming console.


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