Suspected HTC Smartwatch Goes Viral

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HTC Smartwatch

Several mega manufacturers in the smartphone industry now stepping into wearable techs. We can see the recent examples from Samsung, LG and Sony as they have made Galaxy Smartwatches, LG G Watch and Sony Smartwatches respectively. When these tech giants are in the race, then how can the Taiwanese manufacturer stay behind? Yes, it is HTCa??s turn to come up with something astonishing that refers to the wearable tech.

The alleged HTC Smartwatch has been leaked on the web with a clear shining metal stripe.

It seems the company is going to maintain its privilege of introducing good build quality products. So the smartwatch also comes with the nice build quality, preferably with the metallic finish. A few months back we heard some rumors of the watch being unlived in the coming weeks. Finally, its press render comes up on the internet through unofficial channels.

The HTC Smartwatch is square shaped and looks quite awesome a bit akin to the Sony Smartwatch. As well all know that @evleaks has been a notorious online leaker when it comes to gadget industry, so this could turn into reality in the near future. So wearable enthusiasts who loving wearing the new wearable smartwatches should be expecting a close release date.

Speaking unbiasedly, the recently-popped HTC Smartwatch looks as stunning as the Motoa??s 360. So users now have good choices if they wish to get a wearable tech on their wrist.

Currently we cannot say anything certainly about the launch of this particular wearable watch, however, will keep you posted as and when more news hit the web.

Source: @evleaks


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