Sony SmartWatch 2 Now can be Paired with your Smartphone

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Sony SmartWatch 2 to come in September

Sony brings useful and handy devices for its customers and this time they aim to release another stylish product. Yes, we are talking about the Sony SmartWatch 2 which will be hitting store shelves in September 2013.

“This fashionable device has been designed to pair with the Android phones, offering users to access their smartphones without taking it out of their bags and pockets.”

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is actually a wristwatch that sports a transflective 1.6-inch capacitive touchscreen with 220 x 176 pixels resolution. It manages your phone calls, tells the accurate time and loads email messages in a very convenient way. You will not have to come across any problematic situation while using this user-friendly smart watch.

sony smartwatch

This tiny device also supports NFC communications technology and Bluetooth. Unfortunately, it does not have a Wi-Fi option to let you connect to the internet. The device works just like a remote control for your Android device and it can be used to remotely to take snapshots, control presentations and music playbacks. There are many other fantastic features making this small gadget famous among Android lovers.

Other significant features of the Sony SmartWatch 2 include a?? mapping app, twitter, support for the fitness app (Runtastic), Facebook and Calendar apps. The device must come out by upcoming September. However, there are no official words available on pricing and availability.

sony smartwatch 2 specs and features

You might also be interested in the Geak smartwatch which is another marvelous device running the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and backed by an Ingenic JZ4774 MIPS processor clocked at 1GHz. Key specs of the device include -A? Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC support, 4GB NAND flash, .55a?? LED capacitive touchscreen with 240 x 240 pixels resolution. It also comes with G-Sensor, Gyroscope and 330mAh lithium polymer battery. So you can use this smart watch to serve your purpose without facing any sort of problem.

We will let you know once any official information about the Sony SmartWatch 2 comes out.


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