Sony MWC 2014 a?? Smartphones, Tabs and Wearable

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This yeara??s Mobile World Congress brings a lot more than expected and we have seen nice stuff from almost every company that took part in the mega event. I think everyone, who loves gadgets, should keep track of things announced on this MWC. This is because having knowledge about latest devices lets you stay in touch with the hottest technological innovations.

The collection of Sony MWC 2014 is awesome, no doubt about it. The recently unveiled SmartBand SWR10 and the upcoming SmartWear make users more conscious about wearable techs. If you have observed over the last few months, things have started to shrink. There could be several important reasons behind the creation of wearable gadgets. However, the most important reason, in my opinion, is that users are fed up with phones, phones and phones. Now they need something new and innovative in order to cheer themselves.

This could be the reason why Samsung, Sony and other manufacturers are making efforts to expand their availability for wearable techs. Sony has stated that the new wearable is based on three things – Wearing Smart, Lifelogging and Life Tools.

“Sonya??s innovative new Lifelog application binds the SmartWear Experience together, enabling you to discover your past, enjoy your present and helping inspire your future. Together with SmartBand, the Android app enables you to effortlessly capture life and entertainment a?? places visited, music listened to, games played, books read a?? and presents it a beautifully visual interface.”

Aside from the wearable devices, Sony brings the Xperia Z2 which is another killer device from this company. If you wish to discover more through gadgets, then this smartphone is going to be the one stop shop for all your needs. It sports 20.7 MP rear-facing camera to capture all worthy moments with great picture quality. The manufacture has declared this camera to be the best ever available in a waterproof smartphone.

The Sony Xperia Z2 highlights 5.3 inches Full HD display and runs on the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor cocked at 2.3GHz Quad-Core processor. It also comes with 4G LTE Connectivity, a mammoth 3GB of RAM and a lasting 3200mAh battery to provide backup for a longer time.

The company has also unveiled the Xperia M2 which is a 4G compatible qHD gadget sporting 8MP rear-facing camera for stunning photo shots and super-fast multitasking on the go.

Did you expect a bit more than what Sony has just disclosed?


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