Sony Camera Lenses to Mount On Your Smartphone

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sony camera lenses to unveil soon

Worlda??s renowned cell phone manufacturers have produced some high-tech smartphones with camera as predominant feature. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Nokia Lumia 1020 can be the best example for camera phones. Sony does not want to stay behind when others are attracting customers with such stunning devices.

The company has a done many strange things with its devices in the past and aims to continue this tradition.

“According to the Sony Alpha Rumors, the company is expected to unveil a new series of a??lens camerasa?? that will snap on the Android smartphones. This will help you to take top-quality pictures on the go.”

sony camera lenses price

You must be thinking that how these Sony camera lenses will perform well to take good pictures. Well, rumors suggested that the lenses will occupy everything that a user needs to capture stunning photographs including a built-in sensor, WiFi/NFC, Bionz image processor and a microSD card slot. These are the things that every person aims to collect when it comes to enjoy the best photo session.

Arena??t you missing the viewfinder?

Yes, thata??s what your smartphone is for. There is no view finder with Sony camera lenses and you will have to use your handset to get the view. There will be wires to connect the lenses with the handset because this will be done wirelessly. Users will control the camera from their smartphone instead of lenses.

sony camera lenses with smartphone

Presently, two models are known as DSC-QX100 and DSC-QX10. The QX100 is said to be based on a 20.2 Megapixel RX100 sensor & Zeis lens from DSC-RX100M II camera that retails for around $750. Similarly, the QX10 will sport 189MP sensor and 10X optical zoom and expected to cost $400 DSC-WX150. There must be lots of other things that are still unknown to us. The source has suggested that the Sony camera lenses will work with all Android phones and even iPhone. The strange product might be announced later this month (August).

Source: Sony Alpha Rumors


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