Samsung Gear Solo – A Standalone Smartwatch with SIM Slot

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Galaxy Gear

You might have never heard of this before, but Samsung seems to bringing this to reality. First we thought that communicable samrtwatches can be seen on the detective cartoon series. However, Samsung proved it by launching a number of wearable techs.

Now it is being said that the Samsung Gear Solo is going to be the stand alone wearable with a great communication experience.

The device is said to include a USIM module with in-built radio support for receiving and making calls.

According to the news source, the rumored Samsung Gear Solo will be available in South Korea initially. However, the availability might roll on to other countries later on. Nothing can be said for sure about the international handiness at this stage.

If the reports turn out to be true, then this will be a great achievement not only for the manufacturer but for the entire tech industry. Users will be able to satisfy their communication needs through a very simple piece of tech. This smartwatch will enable users to make and receive calls simultaneously plus enjoy other great features.

Samsung might bring similar models once this one goes live in the South Korea. Dozens of questions must be hitting your mind after hearing this. The first imperative thing is the battery life as we all know that watches do not have that great backup. Will it be rechargeable or not? Will it be fully working in every part of the country?

These are a few things that could irritate your mind. However, these queries will be answered once Samsung comes up with the official announcement of the Samsung Gear Solo. It is expected to be launched in the coming weeks with SK Telecom. We are looking forward its release and will update you once get any information in this regard. So take this crispy rumor with a pinch of salt.

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Source: The Korea Herald


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