Samsung Gear Fit and Galaxy Gear 2 Price Unveiled

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The new wearable range from Samsung brings users something lovely and adorable to try out. Arrival of these wrist products have hoisted the demand for wearables in the tech industry.

Gear Fit price

Although we are all very excited to see these watches around our wrists, yet knowing the pricing details is imperative to make up your mind for purchase.

Finally, we see real bucks that you will have to pay against these tiny techs.

The Samsung Gear Fit will be available for $200 AND THE Gear 2 Smartwatch for $294.

After having a look at the pricing you might have changed your mind to buy one. This is because the price seems to be a little more than expected, especially for the Galaxy Gear 2.

However, still there will be many among folks who wish to purchase any of these gadgets in order to add more allure to their looks and ease to the lifestyle as well.

We might see a drop in the prices because Samsung would like to sell its products like hot cakes. However, this seems to be a bit difficult with the above price tags. So if the Korean giant wants its wearables to become famous across the globe, then pricing should be in control.

Via: AndroidGusy


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