Panasonic to Release LUMIX Remote for Your Android

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Many users want to control their Panasonic LUMIX-FX90 digital camera using their smartphone. They have been longing for it for many months. Well, the time has come when you can do this with great ease. Panasonic has just released LUMIX Remote that can help you in controlling your digital camera from smartphone.

This application can be used via FX90, Wi-Fi connection. This fantastic app can help you to control the digital camera without facing any trouble. You will also be able to enjoy other great features of camera using your smartphone. This particular app is not for every android device but it can be used on android 2.2+ devices.

You must upgrade your firmware before connecting the camera. In this way, you will be able to utilize the digital camera without facing any worries. Some of the people are trying to run this app on the previous old firmware.

Let me tell you that mysugardaddybaby this app is not meant for the older version of android. If you want to enjoy ultimate photography experience, then you must try to use a newer or fresh version of android. Bear in mind that it must be android 2.2 or more.




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