Moto X vs iPhone 5C – The War begins Now

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iphone5 vs motox

Moto X vs iPhone 5C?

It sounds a bit naughty!

Both of these devices are getting famous all over the world with great demand from the customers. There are numerous wonderful features that make both of these smartphones worth using. Although the Moto X has been announced and released earlier to iPhone’s 5C, yet latter can be a strong candidate to give a very tough competition to Google-owned manufacturer.

moto x vs iphone 5c

There are several important reasons why both of these devices mess with each other. One of the most important causes is the large number of exciting color options. Yes, either you opt for the iPhone 5C or Moto X, you will be able to select from a wonderful range of color combinations. So there is nothing to worry about if you have been looking for the desired hue. By and large, it’s a bit difficult to discuss Moto X vs iPhone 5C.

Apple now goes official with both of its hottest devices, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. More or less, the Moto X enjoys the more exciting range of colorful back cases. That’s the reason why the smartphone is getting a great kudos from around the world. Well, it seems that war among these manufacturers has just started with great manic.

The famous Apple is currently offering the product in 5 colors to make the customers happy with the multiple shades. On the contrary, Moto X has something extra to serve the entire Android community. Those who prefer Google’s mobile operating system can go for the Moto X, while those who favor iOS are free to buy the recently announced iPhone 5C or 5S.

This is not the only difference between the aforesaid devices, but there is also a great dissimilarity from the specs point of view. You may refer to the image given above for the specs identification or check the source link below to read the full story.

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