LG G Watch Second Image Unveiled

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lg g watch image

What are the things that make a human being good?

Of course there must be so many characteristic to name, but technology is also contributing in this regard nowadays. The latest technological tools have helped man in achieving what he dreams for.

Cell phones have been serving the entire world for many years by letting people communicate with their loved ones 24/7. The use of mobile handsets is not just restricted to calls, but a person can also take advantage of the hottest useful features packed in these handy gadgets.

Well, human brain always think of ahead as people have a deep desire to see new innovative things in life. This is how electronic companies started the journey of smartwatches.

After the great success of wearables from Samsung and Sony, it’s now LG’s turn to make the world stun with its piece of wearable tech. What you seen above is the recently-leaked second image of the LG G watch. It will be running on the Google Android OS just like others. So there will not be any difficulty in using this wearable.

It is worth noting here that LG and Motorola are the only two manufacturers to provide details about forthcoming smartwatches. Users are also eagerly looking forward these tiny techs. I must say that Moto’s round one is much attractive when compared to the LG’s four-sided wearable.

As far as the design is concerned, the LG G watch seems to be a little cheaper due to its simple rectangular design. Anyhow, we cannot say something for sure about its pricing and availability. It is anticipated that the company will not take too long to disclose specs and other information regarding their upcoming G watch.

We are keeping an eye on it and will update you guys once there is something interesting to tell. So stay in touch with us to know more.


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