LG G Flex Will Be the First Curved Smartphone

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LG G Flex with Flexible Display

Samsung is currently working on the next version of their Galaxy Note 3 with a curved display. This is definitely going to be something pretty innovative for users. LG does not believe to stay behind when others are going far away in the field of innovation. Yes, it has just turned out that LG G Flex would be the next big thing from the manufacturer with a curved display.

“So it is going to be a good competition among Samsung’s curved Note 3 and LG’s curved G Flex.”

Firstly, it was rumored that the device would be called LG Z, but now reports suggest that the company has changed the name to LG G Flex. It is expected to have a 6-inch screen with multi-touch display. So you will be able to take benefit of the larger display as most of today’s phablet offer.

It is good to see that companies are doing something worthwhile to create innovative products. This is something that will revolutionize the smartphone market. Analysts are a bit doubtful about the popularity of this particular revolutionary design. However, the real situation will be clear soon after any of the curved phones hit market shelves.

A few years back, the concept of curved touchscreen was seemed to be unreal or simply limited to fantasy. We might have never thought the technology would create this in the actual world. Well, it is going to happen before so long and the whole world is looking ahead it to be available as soon as possible.

The touchscreen concept is under construction and both Samsung and LG look optimistic toward the creation of their next curved screen smartphones. We are keeping an eye on this and will let you know once any further details come out in this regard. So stay in touch with us to know more about Android arena.


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