Huawei Smartwatch coming along with a New Smartphone

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How the Chinese manufacturer can stay behind when others are coming forward?

Huawei is now heading towards its innovation in terms of Smartwatch that would come with smartphone compatibility.

It was believed that Ascend P7, successor to the P6, is going to be unwrapped at the looming MWC 2014. However, the case seems to be complete changed now because another fresh gadget will be launched together with a brand-new SmartWatch.

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This is something that can give a tough competition to Samsunga??s Note 3 and Galaxy Gear.A? Wait! This is just the prediction, which can be turned out as nothing. Really cana??t wait to see the next wearable tech from the Chinese company. By and large, most companies rely on the Chinese smartphone market because they source different sorts of accessories and gadgets right from there.

Thata??s the reason why we are so curious about the tiny piece of smartwatch. Sadly, no details regarding pricing or specs have been revealed so far. It would be very informative to know anything about either of the aforesaid devices. Let me inform you that Huawei is not a small name of the international smartphone industry, instead it is considered as the main competitor of Apple in Asia. Therefore, we can expect its upcoming pair to beat up Apple in the wearable tech arena.

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Source: Wall Street Journal I Via: Talk Android


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