HTC SmartWatch Allegedly in the Works


HTC SmartWatch release date

During the current era, different smartphone manufacturers introduce SmartWatches compatible with their flagship products. They look awesome and serve the basic connectivity needs of users. You can use a smartwach for manifold purposes, from messaging to internet browsing. Well, this could be a strategy to grab the attention of buyers. Whatsoever the concept of these wearable techs has fund the fire in the gadget industry.

“After Samsung and Sony, now HTC SmartWatch is going to make a big splash.”

According to the rumors, HTC is going to reveal its own watch with rather larger screen as compared to its competitors. This time we got to see the images that show a better depiction of the new idea. I am just mesmerized by the royal and dazzling appearance of this new wearable gadget.

HTC one watch

Let’s take a brief idea of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Sony’s SmartWatch 2. Both of these devices look pretty awesome and grabbed users’ attention more than anything else. People have shown extraordinary interest in these tiny techs. This must be the reason why HTC SmartWatch happened to pop up right now.

SmartWatch by HTC

There is no authentic information available regarding specs and features. So if you are a bit impatient, then learn endurance because this could take some time to come on the front-end. The company has not revealed anything about the features. That’s why we cannot say anything for sure. However, expectations are always beyond boundaries. So we expect the HTC SmartWatch to be based on Android OS, probably the latest version.

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2 Responses

  1. Ethan

    10/23/2013, 08:05 pm

    Although other companies have manufactured their tech wrist watches, yet this one looks pretty awesome when compared to them.

  2. Natalie

    10/23/2013, 08:07 pm

    Guys are crazy about these kind of watches. This must be a good way to pull back lost wristwatch industry.


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