HTC Gluvv is A New Wearable from the Taiwanese Manufacturer

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htc gluuv

What I just came across is a new thing which could be a little bit difficult to digest. After different wearable announcements from Samsung and Sony, ita??s time for HTC to come up with something different but in the same fashion.

“HTC Gluvv is said to be the next big thing for Android community and this will change the way people think of wearables.”

What you see above is the picture of so-called HTC Gluvv which seems to be pretty awkward. It would not be an easy job at all to wear this tough and rough glove just for the sake of listening to music or answering calls.

Putting the gigantic HTC Phone on your wrist does not make any sense, does it? If we are to hang smartphones on wrists, then what wearables are for?

I would declare this a big joke on the fool day. Although the source link given at the end of this post lead us to the companya??s official website, yet the reality of gag should not be ignored at all.

Wait! We are assuming this as joke, but what if this turns out to be something real. No way, I must say.

I think this sort of HTC Gluvv should meant for NASA workers, not for the Android fans. Pictures given on the official site tells a lot about the big joke. Keep my words, you will not stop laughing by looking at them.

Well, this is something beyond htc fansa?? assumptions. It is better to work on a workshop rather than wearing bulky gloves like this. Hopefully, the page will be removed from htc website until tomorrow. Anyhow, this could be a good pun of the day.

Do let us know your thoughts on it.

Are you really mesmerized by the so-called HTC Gluvv?

Source: HTC Gluvv


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