HP Android Phone Might Debut Soon

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The competition of being prominent is rising day by day and all the manufacturers prefer launching new products throughout the calendar year. We can see dozens of new smartphones, tablets and other gadgets from worlda??s prestigious companies. HP is a famous name when it comes to the computer world. The company has earned a great reputation over the last few years and now moves forward to show up their concerns with Smartphone industry.

HP Android Phone is considered to be the next big thing in the near future. However, no words available on the release of this unnamed gadget.

The company has entered the mobile phone arena, but a little late. Many others have stepped in and groomed themselves as giants.


We have seen in the last few months that HP creates product in collaboration with Google. So how they can go alone in the smartphone industry. Thata??s the reason why HP seeks Android companionship to touch the summit of the dome of technology.

According to a strong source, HP is currently working on an Android phone which will not be too costly at all.

So users can expect to see a low-priced smartphone from this tech manufacturer. The device is expected to be as big as Samsunga??s Note 3. However, it will not follow the Korean gianta??s footstep when it comes to pricing. You can assume to see a price tag of $200 which is not a big deal for the current gadget enthusiasts.

We are all keeping our eyes on HPa??s Android-powered phablet and hopefully it will show up on the internet before so long.


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