Google to Work on Smartwatches, Releases Android Wear Developer Edition

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google android wear smartwatch

With a violent popularity of the wearable techs, folks are heading toward smartwatches, smart bands and health bands etc. I am not really saying that soon the world is going to see a riddance from tabs and mobile phones.

How Google can stay behind when other manufacturers are reaping higher profits through their wearable gadgets. For instance, recently different companies including Samsung and Sony have shown the world that they can bring anything beyond the imagination.

Before the actual arrival of Smartwatches, we only used to see them in thriller and detective movies or cartoon series. However, the time has proved it to be true as we can see dozens of wearable techs around.

Samsung has opened the door of these sort of things that we had never thought about. Google has released their first-ever developer edition of the Smartwatch and shows a very inspiring vision for the Android wear.

Google has made it clear that the job of watches is not just to tell the time, but it can also bring more than you had ever dreamed for. Send emails, listen and dial calls, capture valuable moments with cam and do a lot more with the hottest wearables.

As far as the Android wear is concerned, it is believed to deliver the useful info when you need it most. This is not the end because there is a heap of features waiting for you to explore and benefit from them.

Looking at this Android wear, you will wish to have this because of its charming and stunning appearance. No words on when Google will be making it officially available anywhere around the world. However, I am running after this hot news and will ping you back once get something interesting to know.

Meanwhile, do let us know how you think about the upcoming watch?


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