Google Play Education Circle Enlarges to Chromebooks

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Google Play Education

You might not be aware that the Google Play Education was introduced last year at the famous Google I/O. Actually the use of internet and the Google’s app market has become quite common nowadays and that’s the reason why developers needed the education to be there too.

Google Play education is now expanding its services to the Chromebooks because these are of good value and students can easily afford to purchase. The decision has been taken keeping in mind that the Chromebooks are being used in many schools across the country. These particular devices have become the point of attraction due to the pricing, simplicity and security.

Google Education

The good news is that for K-12 Chromebook schools, the Google Play education is now available.  Hopefully, this will be very fruitful for the students to boost their education level through the use of useful stuff available at this platform. Now you must be looking forward to seeing the features or other benefits.

Here is some of the useful features of Google Play education combined with Chromebook:

  • Share chrome applications quickly, with the entire class or individual students. You can begin with favorites like CK-12, TechSmith and GeoGebra. Some brand new apps like Discovery education and scholastic and Houghton Miffin Harcourt can also be added in the near future.
  • Make custom YouTube playlist for the students that use videos.
  • Adjust classroom reading to student’s interests.

There is a lot more that students will be able to benefit from. However, the core thing is the interest of kids that really does matter. We are quite hopeful to see more advancements in this field of study and will let you know once there is something good to let you know.


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