Google I/O 2013: Would the Nexus 5 Appear at I/O This Year?

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Nexus5 at Google IO

Will Nexus 5 be announced on the upcoming Google event?

Read on to know the real matter.

The majority of users might think that it is not the right time for the next Nexus device. Well, Google does not think so as they seem to launch the subsequent Nexus phone.

a??According to rumors, the Nexus 5 is expected to appear on the upcoming Google I/O 2013.a??

It is true that people still do not need any further Nexus device so far because they are already enjoying the previous versions of this particular family. However, Google appears to be pretty conscious of their repute and want to launch multiple gadgets simultaneously.

We are not saying anything for sure because still the company has not revealed anything official in this regard. However, it is our first priority to let us our dear visitors know whata??s happening around.

There are several rumors revolving around regarding the Nikon Camera technology and specs. Nevertheless, we will be running after every rumor that would appear until the Nexus 5 gets announced officially.

LG is also planning to give a tough competition to the upcoming Nexus 5. Well, we will not be surprised by the LGa??s new product because they launch such types of gadgets time and again throughout the year.

Nothing can be said for sure whether the Nexus 5 will be announced at Google I/O 2013 or not. Nevertheless, we would like to mention the specifications for your convenience and awareness.

Nexus 5 expected Specs:

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As far as the above mentioned specs are concerned, the Android 5.0 is the most amazing thing that I have ever come to know about.

Are you ready to enjoy the enhanced features of the upcoming Nexus 5?


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