Google I/O 2013 Complete Preview: Motorola X Phone, Nexus 7, Android 5.0 And More

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Google IO 2013 expected announcements

Google IO 2013 is not too far from now as less than a month remaining in the mega event. The fun is going to start from 15th May. Today we have brought a complete list of the devices that are expected to be launched at this year’s Google I/O.

The curious Android 5.0 also known as Key Lime Pie is also expected to unveil on this mega event. There are many other gorgeous devices ready to make you feel stunned. Check out the details below:

Motorola X Phone


This is one of the most stylish devices assumed to appear at Google IO 2013 in May. According to the hottest rumors, the Motorola X phone would be shipped at around late July or early August. Well, the launch of this chic device is not confirmed so far.

Nexus 7 – Second Generation


We are hopeful that a fresh Nexus 7 will appear at the Google IO 2013 because the company has given several hints of its official release. The tablet will come with updated specs and would be available at a price tag around $199-250.

Prominent specs include a 7-inch display, Snapdragon Tegra 4 processor, 16GB/32GB versions, 2GB of RAM and finally the best Android 5.0 key lime pie.

Android 5.0 – The Key Lime Pie


Every user is expecting a dramatic user interface in Android 5.0. However, we expect Google to provide a Cards UI for the whole operating system. Well, we cannot say anything for sure until the new Google’s mobile operating system unveils at Google IO 2013.

Google TV


According to the rumors, the Google TV is expected to make a final push on the big day. The company should update the product now because all of its users are waiting for the big enhancements. So, if they want Google TV to sustain in the long run, then they need to make some improvements to satisfy their users.

Google’s Project Glass


It is being said that Google is going to do something with its hyped Project glass. According to some rumors, the company is near to finish the product preparation and they will meet the goal till Google IO 2013. So, get ready for a new look this year.


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  1. TheBruh

    04/25/2013, 05:21 pm

    “Prominent specs include a 7-inch display, Snapdragon Tegra 4 processor…” Qualcomm makes Snapdragon and Nvidia makes Tegra. No such thing as a Snapdragon Tegra cpu. Which is it?


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