Google Glass Might Be One Year Away From Buyers, Says Eric Schmidt

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Google Glass coming after one year

Most of the people of like to use the modern gadgets for entertaining themselves.

Do you like to tinker with new gadgets?

If yes, then you will have to wait for a year because Google Glass is expected to hit the market shelves after 12 months.

Yeah, it’s quite a long period to wait for.

Google Glasses are among those gadgets that have made us feel inquisitive. Every day new rumors come from around and give rise to our curiosity. Well, finally some official words come from the Eric Schmidt regarding the release date of the Google Glasses.

Actually, the manufacturers have found some important issues from the Explorer Edition and they need to resolve these problems before launching the product for the final customer.

The executive chairman of Google spoke to the BBC Radio 4’s famous program “World at One” and revealed some important facts about the Google glass. After releasing the “Explorer Edition” last week, they found a few glitches that are necessary to be fixed.

The Google’s chairman looked a little bit less optimistic about the exact availability for the consumers. He has clearly said that the Google glass for users “is probably a year-ish away”.

It means there are no chances of Google glass final release. So those who have been screaming out for the upcoming gadget should keep patience until the company makes any official statement regarding the release of these glasses.

Schmidt is not famous for giving the precise and exact predictions on the products. That’s why we should not perfectly rely on the given statement because the words might get changed with the passage of time.

According to most of the users, the Google’s consumer glass would be a great success for both the end user and the company. Also it could be the flagship for the company for the releasing year.

Google I/O 2013 is also around the corner and we might see another announcement about the Google Glasses at this mega event.

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