Google Glass App Store to Release in 2014

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Google Glass Aapp Store colors

Thousands of users have been waiting for the Google Glass to become publicly available. People do not have direct access to purchase this wonderful gadget and waiting for the company to make an official announcement in this regard.

a??Now it turns out that the product will be out through the Google Glass App Store until next year, 2014.a??

Users remained hopeful for the Google glass to be revealed early this year because the companya??s representative Sergey Brin made this statement. However, it must be very upsetting for the potential buyers to face off additional delay until the next year. Now we want you to come out of the rumor mill and face the reality. There is no more need to be hopeful because the Google Glass App store will be opened in the following year.

Google Glass apps

Lately, Computerworld has told that the Google Glass is going to be available for purchase in 2014 and now, the famous New York Times is also corroborating this news without giving any other opinion. As per NYT, Google Glass release will coincide with its App storea??s arrival next year. It means users will be able to get the product with great convenience through the glass app store.

It has become clear that Glass has no storefront for the developers to list their developed Glass apps or Glassware. Timothy Jordan has conveyed through his Google+ account that there is a new way coming out to solve the riddle. It seems as Google is planning something special to bring its Google Glass in front of general public.

The companya??s officials have also confirmed the same release date as mentioned above. Therefore, you should not be made swindled with fake rumors. Instead, note down the next year release of the Google Glass App Store and stop looking for the extra rumors that would make your mind dispersed.

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