Best Buy Galaxy Gear Now for Just $150

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Thousands of users still long for the Samsung Galaxy Gear because it lodges some of the exciting features that we just saw in cartoons and detective movies. Formerly, this tiny gadget was compatible only with the Galaxy Note 3 as it was running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Galaxy Gear

This single compatibility mode was a little discouraging for those with no latest Android update. Nevertheless, the good news lets you feel awesome because now some other devices including Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 also holds Android 4.3 along with gear compatibility. So it’s not an issue now to use this wearable smartwatch with your Galaxy device.

After putting some smile on your face, let’s move ahead toward something more delightful.

Best Buy Galaxy Gear is now available at a very affordable price tag and you will find no reason to skip this over.

Initially, the device was sold out at a higher price and the Note 3 owners couldn’t stop their hands to get one. Finally, now it becomes available at a hot price so that maximum numbers of buyers can be attracted. Get your mouth watered to see that today’s hottest Android powered smartwatch can now be purchased for $149.99 in some gorgeous color options including the following ones.

Other than mentioned-above, you can opt for the Mocha Gray and Jet Black. However, both of these are not as cheap as the above ones. You can get these two hues for $249.99 which is $100 higher than the others.

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