Verizon Prepaid Plans Changed, Adds More Data

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Verizon is not a minor name when it comes to mobile network carriers operating in the United States. They have launched several prominent devices under their brand name. We have seen in a few past weeks that AT&t has started their new Prepaid carrier.

“Verizon Prepaid Plans now have been changed and the company adds more data for the convenience and facilitation of its users.”

The MVNO’s and prepaid carriers  have become very popular nowadays. Unlocked versions of the phones such as Nexus 4 are being sold for $300-350.

The United State’s famous mobile carrier, Verizon, has made modifications that we had never expected. Instead of increasing prices, the company has added additional data. It is just awesome to see the addition of data to the already 2 existing plans. It seems that Verizon Prepaid Plans would create a lot of expediency for the US  tablet or Smartphone users.

Verizon prepaid plans add more plans

Verizon has a $60 unlimited plan and text with almost 2GB data that was upped from a slight of 500MB data. In addition, they have a $70 plan with unlimited talk and 4GB data for text which was upgraded from 2GB data. This is good to see great improvement in previous data plans. Users of the modern times will be able to enjoy better connectivity with such superb data offers.

New pans of the Verizon cannot be compared with T-Mobile because both the network carriers have different plans to offer. The latter also has a good plan with $30 that offers 100 minutes, unlimited data and text, and go up to $70 for everything unlimited.

Now it’s so nice to see that Verizon is upping its standard and giving a perfect competition to T-Mobile’s existing data plan offers. It would be good for Verizon to sustain in the market by improving and expanding its services. However, the Verizon Prepaid Plans should be more comprehensive and economical to compete with other carriers.

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