Google Now Alarm Never Lets You Miss the Stop

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In todaya??s age of mobility, we need to travel from one place to another occasionally or on the daily basis. People who go to offices might have to face some serious issues during their commute.

google now transit alarm

Google Now Alarm is a new feature that never lets you miss out the stop where you wanted to come out of the bus or train.

Please be informed that the app is really useful for those who use public transportation in order to move from one place to another. It looks a new option has just been included that will allow users to set an alarm that will alert them when the destination stop comes near.

This is a wonderful thing that will help millions of people from around the world. If you have been experiencing the stop-missing problems more or less, then the Google Now Alarm is going to help you in the right way. There is nothing to be concerned about not reaching the destination in time because Google has finally provided us with this great solution.

Actually the recently-added feature uses locations like workplace or home that you have already setup as the preferred places in Google Maps. It does not look to be connected to any clock app that is most commonly used for alarm alerts. The best part is that Google itself handles all the calculations, so users wona??t have to do a great effort.

It means your next travel should be quite hassle-free as there will not be any alert problems at all. Now you can doze off, play games or watch videos without being worried about the next stop. Hope users will find this particular feature a great helping hand for their commute or travel needs. We will let you know when the company brings more interesting features alike.


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