Android Dialog for Your Android Phone or Tablet

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A dialog is normally a little window that seems in front of current activity. The fundamental activity loses attention and the dialog receives all user attention. Most commonly, dialogs are used to interrupt users by showing various kinds of notifications. They can also help to perform a short task expediently.


In most of the cases, a dialog shows the status of an application which is under progress. If you are installing some updates, a dialog window will be there to provide status. An android user performs different activities on his android gadget, and android dialog helps by providing information about the current situation.


Many users get irritated by excessive appearance of dialog boxes. They want to get rid of such interrupting dialogs by acquiring some beautiful ones. Well, you can customize the dialog window for your android platform. It requires a little effort and time.


You can generate a customized dialog or a dialog that shows work in progress report. Some of the users also like to add color and text styles to the dialog window; they can do so by adopting a step by step procedure. If you find buttons of a dialog window unfriendly, then you can convert them to a shape that suits your mood.


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