5 Reasons Android Dominates iOS 7

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Apple took six years to reach the present state of success and they have made major changes to the look and features of their first iPhone. During this era, significant modifications also made to their mobile operating system which is now advanced to iOS 7. Some important improvement include quick multitasking, Notification Center, Wi-Fi direct transfers etc. However, Googlea??s Android and Applea??s iOS have become major competitors in the current marketplace.

 Android dominates iOS 7 Reasons

Android predominantly dominated the iOS without any doubt. There is a slew of the things that make former better than the latter. Googlea??s mobile operating system has been providing a fantastic task-switching menu since its v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Actually, Android has won hearts of the people by rendering the desired features and functions. Here are 5 important reasons why Android beats iOS 7.

Multi-Window Mode

Android multi window

Android permits developers to either split the screen among two different apps, or create floating apps that appear in windows on top of the basic app. These floating and multi-window modes are very famous that LG, Acer and Samsung have built them into their Android versions. There are also more than 20 floating apps that you can download from the Play Store.

Third-party Keyboards

Third party keyboards

With Applea??s iOS 7, you can use any keyboard that you want if ita??s available in Applea??s stock. Googlea??s mobile operating system, on the other hand, permits you to change its default keyboard to any of the dozen third-party alternatives. So you can try out your favorite keyboard apps without getting concerned about anything.

Universal Share

android share

Android offers the same share menu with identical options in it , no matter what sort of app you are using. You can conveniently share anything to Pinterest using Dolphin browser and its not a problem at all. This is one of the reasons why Android dominates iOS 7.

Widgets and Homescreen

widgets and homescreens

After unlocking your iOS 7 device, a user gets nothing more than a traditional list of apps. With Android, on the contrary, you can select from dozens of new apps of your choice. Just tap and hold your favorite icon from the menu and position it on your home screen. Similarly, widgets can also be installed to an easy access to the desired program.

Custom Launcher

android custom launcher

Android helps to add custom launcher to your Smartphonea??s homescreen and this really makes your navigation convenient. You dona??t need to dive inside the menu and check for the required programs because a custom launcher facilitates in a better way. This is how Android dominates iOS 7.


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  1. Sandra Greer

    06/18/2013, 08:46 am

    i heard that market share between MS and Apple shrunk by 7%,
    and if both android and MS do well in future then for sure it might govern
    apple and drag it all the way down 🙂 kristen, you have steered a nice

    Moreover i want you to discuss a brief
    comparison of key lime pie and ios 7. this makes me richer especially when i open
    my wallet for the best purchasing of OS


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