Renovate ROM For Your HTC One X a?? Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1

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Renovate ROM completely overhauls the Android experience on your HTC One X. You will be glad to know that it has a great collection of MODs and Tweaks. There are several wonderful benefits of using these MODs such as your devicea??s operating system will become silky smooth.


a??The word ROM actually means Read Only Memory, but now has migrated in a modding communal to mean a real custom operating system (OS) image that you install into ROM area of your Smartphone.a??

It is advisable to know that the word Kernel basically means the heart of an OS (barebones OS components).

So, This HTC One X ROM can be very useful for the users.

Before getting into some additional facts, we must analyze the features and important details.

Renovate HTC One X ROM Details and Features:

  • Android 4.1.1 with beautiful HTC Sense 4+.
  • Multi-Language (WWE).
  • Based on the Official 3.14.401.31.
  • Deeply optimized for the improved battery life and performance.
  • Tweaked Ramdisk.
  • Recompressed, Zipaligned & Deodexed using the newest SDK revisions.
  • APK compression optimization.
  • Fully stripped debugging info through the system.
  • Extended Quick settings
  • De-imaged the entire system
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Enhanced multitasking
  • Extended messaging features (restore & backup, secure box etc.)
  • Security tweaks and network speed.
  • Custom down animation/boot.
  • Fully exposed tell HTC & HTC Rapid Tips.
  • Comprehensive system animations value.
  • Functionality Tweaks.
  • Scrolling cache disabled.
  • Loads of unused liba??s/apka??s/binaries removed.
  • RAM Optimizations.
  • All rotations unlocked.
  • OTA Support.
  • Improved Audio Playback Quality.
  • Persistent ADB enabled.
  • Init.d support.
  • Increased MMS limit.
  • Sysrw/Sysro commands support.
  • De-Sense option in the AROMA.
  • Customed theme with option of stock look.
  • Signature verification disabled.

Android Device: HTC One X

Official HTC One X ROM Website: Download Now

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