Youtube 1080p Option Currently Being Tested for its Android App

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YouTube app for Android

Youtube is one of the most widely used video sites on the internet. Although there are many other platforms similar to this, yet people prefer getting the desired video stuff from here. After being very popular on the web, the company decided to launch the Android app so that users can easily watch videos wherever and whenever they want.

Ita??s been quite long since the YouTube Android app has been launched. However, now there is a couple of improvements currently in the works.

Some of the users have complaints about the low video quality that they have to bear while streaming videos online through YouTube. The mega video portal is now testing the Youtube 1080p option in order to deliver a reliable video quality no matter what Android device users employ to play videos.

Do you think that the Youtube 1080p option will help you make watching experience better? Majority of users would agree to this because we all know how stunning the 1080p videos are. Anyhow, those who expect more than this should stay patient until the company brings something out of this world.

Hopefully, the new Youtube 1080p option will be live soon after being successful in the testing phase. So keep waiting and enjoy with the current streaming options.


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