Viber for Android Banned in Saudi Arabia

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Viber banned in Saudi Arabia

Viber is a free internet calls and messenger service that has been blocked in Saudi Arabia. This is because the application has completely failed to comply with the rules and regulations of the country. The Communications and Information Technology Commission in Saudio Arabia also issues notices to other applications that do not comply with the rules and regulations.

The Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia is a populous part of the world and a large number of users here prefer to stay in touch with their loved ones through modern technology. That’s why they make use of handy apps such as fiber, what’s app and Skype. First off the Viber is being thrown out of the arena and the remaining apps have been warned.

Quarts has reported that Viber, WhatsApp and Skype have received warnings from the Saudi telecommunications regular in March. Reason for the shutdown could be a failure of Viber to fulfill the requirements of Saudi telecommunications. The app developers failed to provide CITC local server for monitoring the activities of users.

The report also recommends that there may be more than rules at play here. Moreover, different telecoms are losing their profits due to the excessive use of communication apps. Services like WhatsApp, Skype and Viber growing in the country and becoming the choice of the users for making international calls and texts.

This is a critical point for the rest of the communication apps because they might also get the same response from the Saudi telecommunications. In this way, users might get confused due to the unavailability of these international communication applications.


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