Umano News App Now On Android

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The extensively acclaimed application is now available on your favorite Android Operating system. Different interesting people will read exciting news articles for you and this would be in delightful voices.

“Umano has made it easier to listen to various types of news instantly.”

The real charm of this particular app is its amazing voices that make the news more attention-grabbing for the listeners. Now you can browse the most fascinating articles from various pinnacle news sources.

Moreover, the app allows you to know the preferences of your friends. A user can also come to know what his/her friends are listening to. Its ability to personalize the listening experience simply by selecting different categories and creating a playlist is just awesome. It does not take a lot of time to tease you.

Beforehand, the umano news app was available on other mobile operating systems such as iOS. Appreciatively, now it has made its way to android. All the users of Google’s mobile OS can enjoy the lovely features of umano news without any hurdle.

Even if you are not online to know about the happenings of the world, yet you can download the playlist to hear offline. This is an amazing feature that makes it quite convenient to keep yourself aware of the incidents occurring in different areas of the globe.

Would you like to share the most attractive articles with your loved ones?

Umano news can help out in this regard. Share all the favorite articles with friends and keep them informed of your choices. The app is absolutely free on the Google App Store and you can grab it anytime without paying even a single penny.


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