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Sleep as Android offers you a restful slumber

Every person needs to sleep well in order to live a healthy and vigorous lifestyle. After doing too many things during the whole day, you can get relaxation only from a deep slumber. Many people use an alarm clock to get up early in the morning.

However, an obnoxious alarm sound irritates a lot and the mood of a restful sleep gets spoiled. It can be very constructive to have a perfectly optimized android app that provides complete assistance regarding sleep cycle. In this way, a person can enjoy a better sleep without any interruption.


Sleep as Android offers you a set of logical tools that makes your sleeping soothing and completely restful. If you want to enjoy a perfectly peaceful slumber, then this particular android can be very helpful.

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  • Sleep tracker
  • Set alarm as per your convenience
  • Robust alarm clock
  • UI is smooth and well-designed, you can navigate easily
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  • Tracks your movement while sleeping & plots them graphically
  • Rate sleep using a five-star scale
  • Set your favorite music to wake up early in the morning
  • Imagine your growing sleep debt
  • Informs you when it’s time to sleep
  • Measures the quality ofA? sleep
  • Set a perfect sleep range
  • Sleep as android app is free


  • A little battery drain

Sleep as Android is an ideal sleep tracker and an alarm clock. It means you will get both the utilities in a single app and this is no less than an excessive blessing for the android lovers. Now, you will not have to face any embarrassment when reaching office late because this lovely application knows the real worth of time.

Ending Remarks:

Sleep as Android plays a vital role in a persona??s offensively active life. Sleep well to perform all the tasks of the day more efficiently and flawlessly. The app is available absolutely free in the Google Play Store and you can grab it anytime.


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