The Famous Five Movie App for Android

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The Famous FiveNo one needs any introduction for the movie “The Famous Five”. Thousands of movies that release in the world of Hollywood every year. However there are some movies that become memorable for the years.

Same is with the Famous Five because the movie has touched everyone’s heart. Now, you will never like to miss the chance of playing a game based on this gorgeous movie.

The Famous Five is a striking game with cool graphics and convenient to use features. You must bear in your mind that this is the official game of the movie.

The Famous FiveThe game is pretty much popular among people belonging to various age levels. However, children are mostly enthusiasts to get this sort of app on their devices. Well, everyone can play the Famous Five android games without any hassle.

Here I am going to mention some of the major features that make the Famous Five a unique app.

The Famous Five features:

  • Demonstrative adaption of places from the moveThe Famous Five
  • Five famous characters: Anne, Julian, Dick, Timmy the dog and George
  • Supported languages: German, French, English, Spanish
  • 25 levels of consecutively increasing difficulty
  • Different power ups such as speed boosts, coil springs and teleporters
  • Platform game app in five most thrilling environments

The game can offer a fantastic sort of entertainment to those who always look for the adventure apps. Famous friends will work together in order to avoid the dangerous big perils.

Most of the users give preference to the fantasy movies because they are more thrilling than the other comic ones. So, the famous five is a must have app for your Android device. You can play the game whenever and wherever you want.

You just need to buy the game for $2.61 from Google Play. There is no need to go somewhere else for downloading this app. Simply, hit the Google Play download link below to get the Famous Five app.

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