Temple Run 2 Complete Review

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temple run 2 comes with tons of new features

Temple run 2 is the sequel of the world’s most widely played game on both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. After a huge request and demand from users, the developers had to make its next version which we are going to review today.

Without getting into further details, first let’s know about the excerpt.


The new Temple run 2 has impressive graphics, new obstacles, more path variations, a large number of power ups to maintain its dignity among the players.


The users might hesitate or feel uneasy to play new levels of the game. They could be addicted to the previous version as it contained more fun. It does not support mid-range devices or if does, then not perfectly.

Bottom line

No one is forcing you to download and install the new one if you like to keep up with the older version. What I have observed is that the Temple run 2 is a wonderful sequel with tons of enhancements and variations.

The new enhanced features of the game lets you have the best time that you could not have with the previous edition. Millions of users from around the world are taking pleasure in this captivating and adventurous game.

Graphical improvement is just commendable because it’s beyond comparison. If you have a superb android device with a large HD display, then it can give you a lovely period of entertainment. The game is equally popular among young and old.

You can easily unlock the four playable characters to make the game more interesting and attention-grabbing. Now, we are going to sum up with the following progresses.

  • New obstacles
  • More and bigger monkeys
  • Fabulous new natural environment
  • Special power ups for every character
  • More achievements
  • Attractive new graphics

Hence, the temple run 2 is perfectly favorable for Android devices and you can grab it from the Play store.


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