Team Awesome for Android

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Want to enjoy something pleasurable on your Smartphone and tablet?

The team awesome android app brings a revolutionary change to the world of video games. Stop playing useless and boring games because this particular fun app delivers the ultimate entertainment.

The app is based on the story of four ordinary people who were living a normal life. Their lives changed when a mysterious meteor smashed to earth. After this incident, everything turned into Awesome.

Edis Brothers always bring quality entertainment for the game lovers. This time they have brought the team awesome for those who do not want compromise on the perfect arcade games.

Whenever you think to play a quality game that can give you the best fun opportunity without disturbing anything, then you must consider the team awesome.

This is not just a game but includes everything: robots, trains, shiny gold coins, aliens, explosions, cats and more. All these things add more to the fantastic and engaging gameplay. More fruit bowls, hover boards, brick walls, crazy dentist, wrecking balls, hove cars, soccer games bring magnetism to the team awesome android app.

Apart from the aforementioned goodies, there are many other things that can inspire you to play it time and again.

Key Features:

  • 40 episodes
  • Phone and tablet support
  • Simple one touch controls
  • 120 missions/goals
  • Jon St John video narration
  • 6 upgradeable power-ups
  • Destructibe objects and environments
  • 4 splendid heroes with individual backstory & ability
  • Enjoy multi-stage missions with combined objects
  • 4 super-villains to defeat
  • Bite-sized, Quick fix gaming
  • Hidden surprises and wacky humor
  • Cinematic cameras renders an action movie experience

In my opinion, it could be pretty difficult to find all these things in a single adventure game. Luckily, the team awesome for android occupies these entertaining features and lets you feel pleased.

Ita??s time to get Awesome!


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