Tamagotchi Android, Your Virtual Pet

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tamagotchi android can be your virtual pet for free

Tamagotchi Android app has been released especially for Canada and the United States. Everyone loves to spend time with pets because they provide a wonderful sense of belonging. Particularly in the western world, people love their pets more than anything else.

It can be a little bit expensive to have a pet for some citizens because they have to spend a specific portion of their income on feeding the domestic animals. Nourishment is not the only cause but taking care of their accessories also needs additional funds.

Do you wish to cradle a pet without disturbing your financial budgets?

If so, then Tamagotchi Android could be an amazing option for you. It is just like your virtual pet for whom you would not have to spend anything out of your pocket. Even the app is absolutely free at the Play Store.

The app is completely based on the genuine virtual pets and it is yours for free. Loving your computer-generated pet is a unique and delightful experience. Thata??s why thousands of people from different parts of the world are enjoying to play with these virtual creatures.

However, the users belonging from Canada and US are on top of the list to take benefits from this amazing-featured app. Various characters are available in colorful combinations to make the application more attractive for everyone.

Now, enjoy Tamagotchi android app on your Android tablet and Smartphone. You can also share such a superb product with your loved ones and let the select their own pets too.


  • Collect Tamagotchi autograph wallpapers
  • Genuine characters featured
  • Free
  • Digital Tamagotch Android collection
  • Color to enrich your thoughts
  • Share your virtual pets on social media such as Facebook

OS Requirements:

The app is perfectly compatible with Gingerbread (Android 2.3) or high.

Download Tamagotchi Android app free from Play Store.

To know more, visit Tamagotchi life.


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