Subsonic Media Streamer Obtains an Important Update

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People of the modern era are almost crazy about music and they love to stick with their favorite musicians. Today it has become very convenient to find the songs of almost every kind without any trouble. You wona??t have to come across any problematic situation in order to grab the songs that you have been looking for.

update app Subonic Media Streamer

All you need to do is simply install a reliable app from the app market and start streaming audio content online. There is also no dearth of applications that can let you download the specific song to your Android smartphone right away. This is how technology has stunned the present people.

Subonic Media Streamer for android

Subonic media streamer is one of the most famous music apps available for users nowadays. Though there are several other similar products accessible, yet this particular media streamer is known for managing the entire music entertainment in an ideal way. This will be a good source if you like to stream over 20,000 tracks as well as few videos.

The app is good for streaming media right from your personal storage instead of using Google cloud. Luckily, the Subonic media streamer has obtained three major updates during the last few weeks and now it jumps to 4.1. We would like you to have a look at the significant components of the recent update. This will give you a clear idea of what is new with the renowned music streaming application.

Version 4.1

  • A?A?A? Lock screen widget.
  • A?A?A? Sharing support.
  • A?A?A? Search suggestions.
  • A?A?A? Now works with older Subsonic server versions.

Version 4.0

  • A? A?A?Added context menu buttons.
  • A?A?A? Hide search button and pin/unpin option when offline.
  • A?A?A? Added a??My starred musica??, and options for starring albums, songs and artists.
  • A?A?A? Dona??t show notification if formerly dismissed and not presently playing.
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  • A?A?A? Use Roboto Thin font (on Jelly Bean and later).

Version 3.9

You can enjoy using the subonic media streamer for 30 days as a free trial. Afterwards, you will have to spend $1 to indulge in the rest of the streaming services.

Subsonic media streamer for Android


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