Sonic the Hedgehog for Android, Coming Soon

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sonic the hedgehog is going to be released in April for $2.99

Retro gaming has entertained users in the past and now going strong during the current year. Recently, Namco has launched the Pac-Man free for Android users after 22 years. This was a superb gift for the entire Android community.

Luckily, SEGA has declared at the Game Developers Conference 2013 that they are going to release the new Sonic the Hedgehog for Android soon. You must be waiting for the day when this exclusive game makes its first appearance on the Play Store.

a??SEGA has planned to launch the Sonic the Hedgehog soon, April 2013, with a price label of $2.99.a??

The app is not just a port, but it is a complete re-work of 90a??s classic consisting remastered soundtrack and Time Attack modes. This is going to be a great fun on your Smartphone and tablet. I would not be incorrect if consider SEGA as one of the pioneers in the Gaming industry.

They have brought many entertaining games for the people belonging to different age groups. No matter how old are you? This particular app can best deliver the entertainment without any annoyance.

If you are not familiar with the amazing Sonic the Hedgehog, then do not get anxious because I am going to familiarize you with this inspirational game. Fairly speaking, it is very difficult to find a player who does not know about the sonic.

Well, Sonic the Hedgehog is a unique 2D scrolling platform game that delivers you the best entertainment beyond anticipation. Sonic is itself the hedgehog and you will play the role of this character.

You might be thinking about already available sonic game collection on the Play Store. Well, the upcoming version of the app is going to be completely different from the previous ones. So, get ready for Sonic the Hedgehog and make a room empty on your device to install this game.

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