Snapdragon Glance Beta Now Hits Google Play Store

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Qualcomm finally releases its fresh lock screen app known as Snapdragon Glance Beta which is meant for the phones and tablets powered by the robust Snapdragon chips. This will let them access the desired information more quickly and without coming across any problematic situation. This has finally been achieved by presenting users with weather updates, notifications, calendar information, quick access to apps and contacts.

If you are intended to utilize the new app, then your device must have Spapdragon BatteryGuru app installed. The link to this particular application is given on the end. This app has been provided in order to give battery a better life for all the devices powered by Snapdragon technology. It also gathers data in the back-end about how users interact with its device.



For your convenience, we have provided a few screenshots underneath. So if you are really looking forward to try the Snapdragon Glance Beta on your Android, then make sure you have Android 4.0 or above, Snapdragon processor and BatteryGuru installed earlier. You can use the links below to serve your purpose.

As we all know that modern era brings devices powered by Snapdragon processors. This is why the app has been brought in front of users to let them get the most out of their Snapdragon-powered phones and tablets. The requirements mentioned above mostly exist in the hottest high-end devices. So if you own any of these, then you can go ahead with the procedure.

Do let us know on how you found these apps or whether they are interested/helpful or not.

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