Smartr Contacts for the Android

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Finding phone numbers and email addresses is quite difficult for the android users due to unavailability of right app. Well, here I am going to introduce Smartr contacts that can be an ideal app for your android device.

This uncomplicated app helps you to find phone numbers and email addresses without any trouble. If you want to get an app that can support multiple Gmail accounts then Smartr may be the right one for you.

It drags information from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You will beastonished to know that this app can easily store up to 10,000 entries. You can download this gorgeous app from web in order to make your android gadget a useful device.

Drawbacks are never apart from plus points and same is with the Smartr. There are some disadvantages of this app making it a little unfavorable for the users. You will not be able to change LinkedIn accounts once you have established them. However, it really supports Facebook account.

Anyhow, Smartr contacts for the Android devices works quite speedily and accurately. I must say this app has been successful in winning a good status in android app market. So, if you want to manage all of your contacts without having any problem then simply try Smartr contacts on your android phone.



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