Smart Tools App Make Measurement Easier with Your Android Phone

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If you are an ingenious or interested in measuring different things with geometrical tools it has become an easier job for you. If you are an android phone holder you can install Smart Tool app in your Android Smartphone. It will be a great experience for you after installing smart tools app in your Smartphone.

If you have Smart Tools app you can measure length, angle, direction, distance, height as well as sound with your Android phone. You will get 5 different types of apps with smart tools app included 5 Pro sets for a total of 15 tools.

  • You will get Length, Angle, Slope, Level, Thread – Smart Ruler Pro in the Set 1.
  • There is Distance, Height, Width, Area – Smart Measure Pro is included in 2nd Set.
  • The 3rd set has Compass, Metal detector, GPS – Smart Compass Pro.
  • The 4th set of smart tools app contains Sound level meter, Vibrometer – Sound Meter Pro.
  • Flashlight, Magnifier – Smart Light Pro has been added in the 5th set of this great tools app.

Features of Smart Tools Recently Updated:

  • There is Magnifier added is available to support Nexus 7.
  • A Ruler update which can measure TF700T, 1920×1200 lengths is programmed in this app.
  • You can find your desired direction with the new Compass named Qibla finder.
  • If you want to control your musical instants sound the Sound meter update with Export to CSV file.
  • This Smart tools app is also friendly with Galaxy S3·Note (ICS) S2(ICS).
  • There is a thread pitch gauge has been added in smart tools app.
  • A great flashlight widget is available for better snaps qualities.
  • A new flashlight app added in this version of Smart tools app.

This app is available for sale on Google app store just only $2.34 you can enjoy your work after installing this app, for quick download click on the given button.

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