Slingshot Racing For Android Racers

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slingshot racing for those who like change on android

Slingshot racing game has been developed exclusively for devices with touchscreen. You might have played several types of games on your android phone or tablet; however, slingshot has its unique importance due to enchanting and exciting gameplay.


Android users are lucky to have several wonderful options of entertainment. Playing the favorite racing game is always very pleasurable for everyone. Behold a lovely environment with grappling hooks, ice tracks, snowmen and more. The purpose of such gorgeous things is to render the best amusement.


Pro Tip:A?To position the hook try to pick up a corner of the touchscreen and then just keep pressing here. There is no need to press on the tower to slingshot.

The app is very constructive for big screen devices and lets you feel out of this world.

Silky and smooth gameplay never creates a hurdle while playing the game. Instead, you can enjoy every feature of this product without coming across any big problem.


Thousands of android users have installed the slingshot racing on their devices and taking pleasure in the thrilling gameplay. If you also want to feel some change, then try to download and install this marvelous application.


Unlike thousands of other Android apps, the slingshot racing is not a free app. You will have to pay a nominal amount of $0.99 in order to grab it on your Smartphone or tablet. This will not take too long to install as it is just a matter of seconds.


In present times, we have fed up with car and motorbike racing games. It is necessary to see some change in the racing genre. Well, thanks to slingshot racing as it has broken the records of fun.

Slingshot racing features:

  • Simultaneous play for 4 players on a single device.
  • Play against your entire family
  • Super addictive gameplay
  • Ground-breaking controls, convenient to pick up and complex to master.
  • Post or tweet your high score to social media sites such as Facebook
  • Impressive graphics with lovely 3D effects, particle system and shadows
  • Phone and tablet devices supported


Slingshot Racing


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